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Apullum nr. La ora actuală, aproximativ de români au credite în franci elveţieni.

The papers published in this volume are exclusively engaging authors. Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Sergei F. Nicola Mattoscio, G. Giuseppe Paolone, G. Nicolae Al. C montre daniel wellington suisse anti aging the University of Oradea; Dr. Gheorghe Gh. Ionescu Dr. Ovidiu Nicolescu- Dr. Constantin Rosca Dr. Gheorghe Olah University of Oradea. Emilian M. Editorial Review Board Lecturer Dr. Knowing the audience is a very important first step in the development of appropriate strategies and the achievement of the mission proposed by the organizers.

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An important issue is the media coverage of the cultural events, especially announcing them in as many different types of media as possible. Indeed, in many cases there is a causal relationship between financial possibilities of the Romanians and the access to quality culture.

Tickets devoted to plays or famous opera performances usually have prices that are inaccessible to most citizens. The situation is even worse in the case of Romanians who can barely afford to pay their monthly bills and daily food.

Equally true is that new forms of culture and the progress of new channels of communication in the virtual environment can be also invoked as unequal competitors for the classical forms of culture, especially since accessing them is free of charge, even though the actual content they provide is often superficial. On the other hand, to motivate the cea mai bună terapie cu lumină anti-îmbătrânire acasă interest in culture manifested by the Romanians only from such a perspective would create a slightly distorted image.

Lack of financial resources cannot be reliably invoked, as even if the budget does not allow someone to attend a play as a spectator, one can always attend a library in order to read a book as an alternative to a second-grade film that he would be watching sitting at home, in an armchair.

Therefore, in my opinion, there's another obvious element interfering into the cultural consumption equation we discuss - convenience. Cultural behavior, in the most direct sense of spiritual cultivation, also depends a lot on the family development role. Without resorting to hasty generalizations, it is nevertheless a fact that most of our children do not read or read very little, and they only do that because they find themselves conditioned by the syllabus for the examinations.

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Maybe today's youth belonging to what is called the "emerging generation" is also to blame here, this being a pragmatic and goal oriented generation, but which is unfortunately very less leaning towards forms of culture that the previous generations grew up with. The domestic electronic network of cultural goods and cultural domestic consumption.

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The most spread goods of the physical domestic network are electronic devices: TV, mobile phone, radio. One possible explanation is the rapid development of technology and access to personal computers, the devices for tracking and processing of music and video images, especially the fulminant technological change, moving very fast from static machines to small-sized devices, becoming portable, mobile.

Réduite au seul domaine de l'écrit, on peut la faire remonter aux origines de la civilisation et de l'écriture. Des fouilles archéologiques effectuées en sur le site de l'ancienne cité d'Ebla,1 dans le nord de la Syrie, ont permis d'exhumer quelque dix-sept mille tablettes d'argile cunéiformes datant du troisième millénaire avant Jésus-Christ sur lesquelles figurent des inscriptions bilingues sumérien et éblaïte et même trilingues qui en font le lointain ancêtre connu de nos dictionnaires de traduction, entre le sumérien et la langue parlée à Ebla. Si, par ailleurs, on voit dans la traduction une activité qui dépasse les limites du texte écrit et englobe l'interprétation, entendue au sens de traduction orale, ses origines se perdent dans la nuit des temps.

For professionals working in the cultural and creative sectors, this research becomes an essential tool for the cultural programs and projects they run through, because of the detailed montre daniel wellington suisse anti aging they provide in each sector of activity performing arts, national cultural heritage, museums and exhibitions, creative industries, etc. For the general public, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the participation in the cultural act in its artistic manifestation, giving each reader the possibility to identify himself with a particular cultural consumer profile or to compare their own cultural practices with those of the general population.

The term "cultural consumption" should be seen in the sense of frequency of reading, viewing television programs or performances, preferably for cultural products or services.

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The use of this term is appropriate in the context of culture savings, based on a certain supply and demand of cultural products and services dynamics pattern. Differences between artistic expressions led to the construction of two types of cultural activities. Under the term "elitist culture type" or "high culture" the less accessible artistic expressions meet, which need extra training for their meaning and significance to be understood and therefore appreciated, valued.

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Theater, opera, ballet and museums are included in the elitist culture. Within this category we include going to the cinema, entertainment shows and music festivals, local events, and concern for house arranging, clothing options, implications of a certain conduct and attitudes in relation to cultural and artistic products which are accessible to the general public.

Keywords: policy makers; cultural education; business administration; statistics JEL classification: Y. Is the audience attending these cultural movements as a sponspor or just as a consumer? It is the first question that should start the cultural development strategy plan issued by the local government.

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The proposed research is intended as a tool for professionals in the cultural and creative sectors, a relevant analysis for the central and local public authorities, but also a pleasant reading for the general public. A representative survey with the purpose to describe and analyse the cultural sector in Banat regarding the cultural consumption.


The study addresses the following issues: infrastructure for the distribution of cultural goods and services, cultural heritage, private cultural infrastructure, cultural capital, as well as the allocated consumption budget and the ways the population of Timisoara is spending its spare time. The main objectives of the study are measuring the adequacy of the infrastructure for the distribution of cultural goods, adjusted to the needs of the population, consumption and cultural involvement measures, measuring the cultural needs of the population, identifying the preferences and cultural consumption behaviours, but also to ensure their coverage by specialized journalists.

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