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History[ edit ] On 23 FebruaryPéter Eckstein-Kovács, a parliamentarian from the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romaniaproposed the legalisation of registered partnerships which would have allowed unmarried same-sex and opposite-sex couples a number of rights. He said that the current Family Code was "adopted more than fifty years ago and no longer reflected social realities, both in the case of homosexuals and heterosexuals".

However, the bill died in anti aging no brasil tratament Senate following the Romanian legislative election.

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It would have provided same-sex and opposite-sex couples with some of the rights of marriage. It received a favourable recommendation from the Legislative Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. However, the bill was opposed by the Government, which stated that the Civil Code only recognises one form of relationship in Romania marriage between a man and a woman.

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One bill recognised unions of same-sex and opposite-sex couples "for the purpose of setting up a shared private life and household". The other bill proposed shared rights for couples entering such a partnership and covered aspects such as succession rights, sanctions against domestic violence, the obligation to support an incapacitated partner, and fiscal facilities or social benefits granted by the state. This allows same-sex partners among others to visit their partners in hospital and to make medical decisions on their behalf.

Recognition of same-sex unions in Romania

Attempts to amend Constitution[ edit ] Article 48 of the Constitution of Romania states: The family is founded on the freely consented marriage of the spouses, their full equality, as well as the right and duty of the parents to ensur the upbringing, education and instruction of their children. The same committee voted, the following day, to change the current marriage law form, which describes marriage as "a consensual union between spouses", to the more restrictive form, describing it "as a union between a man and a woman alone", thus banning same-sex marriage.

Florin Buhuceanupresident of the LGBT rights defender NGO, ACCEPTsaid: we see the scale of schizophrenia: one day you accept sexual orientation as a Constitutional protected ground [against discrimination], the next day you act discriminately on the basis of sexual orientation proposing a different treatment for these citizens of Romania of this sexual orientation.

Save Romania Union was the only party with parliamentary representation that positioned against a potential referendum to amend the constitutional definition of the family and ban same-sex marriage in Romania. Further information: Romanian constitutional referendum The Romanian Government announced plans to hold a referendum in the fall offollowing a successful citizens' initiative by a group opposed to same-sex marriage, Coaliția pentru Familiewhich collected an estimated 3 million signatures in support of banning same-sex marriage.

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The Government proposed referendum dates of May and Junethough these passed without a vote. The ruling, hailed as a landmark by LGBT advocacy groups the country, stated that legal rights and obligations should be equal under law. It failed to achieve validity as the turnout was The highest turnout On 6 Junethe Cotidianul newspaper conducted interviews with representatives of the five main political parties, asking them about their stance on same-sex marriage.

Instead, he said that "both the party and myself have given proof that we are in favour of recognising sexual minorities. However, personally I am against marriage between people of the same sex".

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The leader of the Democratic Partythe other large governing coalition member, was similarly elusive, stating that: "Now is not the right moment to talk about this issue [same-sex marriage]. We now have other much more important things to do regarding European integration.

Let's integrate firstly, and then we can see the way in which mentalities change.

Eventually, we will discuss this issue then". Romania's EU accession took place in January Liviu Negoiţăthe Democrat Mayor of Bucharest's Sector 3stated that "if a law will exist [legalising same-sex marriage], I will respect it. As a mayor, I don't have any other choice.

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Personally, I respect the sexual choice of each person". However, the party's official spokesperson also proclaimed that, "a public debate [on same-sex marriage] is necessary, in order to see in what way the standards regarding fundamental liberties can be improved in regard to people with another sexual orientation".

Opposition was anti aging no brasil tratament most clearly from the far-right, nationalist Greater Romania Party.

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The vice-president of the party stated that "clearly, we wouldn't initiate such a legislative proposal, since we're a Christian party. The sin of sodomy is one of the biggest [sins]".

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The Conservative Party was less vocal in its opposition to same-sex marriage, with Octavian Petrovici, the vice-president of the party's Bucharest division, stating about same-sex couples that "it's their own choice, and in the same way that we respect the option of every citizen, we respect the choice of these people.

However, it is a long way from respecting a choice to making special laws, which do not match the values and principles that our party affirms".


On 27 Novemberthe women's organisation of the Conservative Party adopted a resolution opposing same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption. The resolution declared that "the family has as plaja perroy elveția anti-îmbătrânire primary aim our continuity and we will continue to support its development, particularly since we will be confronted in the future with an accentuated process of aging and a significant reduction in the population.

We reject categorically the legalisation of same-sex marriage".

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We support the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman".