Proceedings of ICVL 2010

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Sociologie, Psihologie. Economie politică [Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology.

Как трасса, на продолжение которой не хватило денег, улочка вдруг оборвалась. Перед ним была высокая стена, деревянная скамья и больше. Он посмотрел вверх, на крышу трехэтажного дома, развернулся и бросился назад, но почти тут же остановился. В некотором отдалении от него возникла фигура человека, приближавшегося медленно и неотвратимо.

Political economy], în vol. The Jewish people only live in a few towns. The most important are, as we see, Sadagura and Cernăuţi, two neighbouring towns.

Students, teachers of various disciplines, mathematicians, engineers, economists and researchers who do, at school, college or university, Mathematical Gazette problems or issues proposed and articles published in Mathematical Gazette, were animated by a passion for Mathematics for creative thinking, for demonstration and argument. This passion was encouraged by a stimulating and motivating framework of collaboration Mathematical Gazette. From the appearance, inand until now, the journal was an important landmark and a true Romanian mathematics school and has contributed to the formation of many generations of young fans of mathematics, from which many mathematicians have emerged Why do credit Romania worldwide. Mathematical Gazette is the most famous mathematical journal in Romania for youth to develop and strengthen math education.

Sadagura has got a large Israelite community. The character, clothes and lifestyle of the Jews in this town is similar to Galicia and there is nothing else to be added; the only thing is Sadagura became more remarkable since reb Isrulke settled there after being banned from Russia.

His particularly ostentatious style, more of a prince than a rabbi, his court and numerous servants blindly obeying his orders lead to the most unfortunate outcome which we will not mention here as it would it take too much time.

We can only hope that things are going to change once he moves to the Austrian territory. As it happens, the choice of this town was actually a lucky one. The cattle traders most of them from neighbouring Bessarabia were to come and express their gratitude for the good deals they obtained at the markets. The town also gained a great deal, as the population passing by it grew and generated bigger input of food products and a larger amount of money being exchanged.

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Above all, alcohol sales grew as a symbol of the spiritual drink of the Chasidic crowds; it made life easier for the inn owners in Sadagura, grew the income of the land owners, of the alcohol producers and sellers in the area. The alcohol input closely connected to the tadic parties made local land owners do whatever they could to draw tadics to settle on their land, the same as they did to draw a garrison.

More than that, they protected him and his Chasidics and promised to defend them on any occasion. This is how Chasidism succeeded in securing its existence. Half an hour away from Sadagura there stands Cernăuţi, capital city of Bukovina. Its romantic settlement at the foot of a mountain, on the banks of Prut River, its beautiful buildings, the city plan and the lack of a main street reminds us of its Turkish origin.

Proceedings of ICVL 2010

Its inhabitants consist mostly of Moldavians, clerks and Jewish. Cernăuţi also has an important Israelite community.

Однако одиночество не принесло ей успокоения. В голове у Сьюзан беспрестанно крутилась мысль о контактах Танкадо с Хейлом. «Кто будет охранять охранников?» - подумала .

The real Cernăuţi inhabitants, of Bukovina origin, are not numerous; on the contrary, lots of them immigrated to Galicia a long time ago, and since a few years ago they have not been allowed to move back to Bukovina, with some exceptions.

Until a few years ago the Jewish people of Cernăuţi and all Bukovina victor ebner switzerland anti aging exempt of the kosher meat tax as they are now of the candle tax. The economic status of the Jewish people in Bukovina is quite prosperous.

There are lots of wealthy families that gained their fortune not only by commerce but also by doing different trades such as tailoring; many of them bought beautiful houses.

Tailors are an important part of the Cernăuţi community.

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The clothing of the Cernăuţi Jewish has been inspired by that of Moldova and Muntenia. In the eastern part of Bukovina, many still wear Moldavian outfits. Yet, the way young people are dressed in Cernăuţi is much more pleasant than in Galicia.

Instead of wearing the spodic every day and the streimel on Saturdays, people wear here a samur hat; the short trousers have been replaced with modern pants etc.

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Women do not wear the frontlet during workdays; instead, they save this precious yet civilizaţie [Contribution of the Jewish of Romania to culture and civilization], Bucharest, Hasefer Publishing House, second edition,p. Actually, the frontlet has a funnier look here than in Galicia where women wear it every day and spend all their money just to have one in their chest.

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During work days women wear a scarf around their heads in a very common way, the same as the Jewish in Moldavia. Many young women of the richest families in Cernăuţi wear a European bonnet, but there two categories here. The same goes for many young people who behave in a German: some wear on Saturdays the gheroc and the caftan hat and even the ştramel.

On this category there are many craftsmen, including tailors. With some exceptions the educational degree is not very high in Cernăuţi. Deep Talmudists, Iliem, are rare. Besides their marketing abilities, the general knowledge of a Cernăuţi inhabitant does not c și un magazin suisse anti aging more than the usual prayers, the Hebrew writing and a German signature on a document.

This ignorance can be explained by the fact that children are initiated in trading since early childhood. Once a 12 or 13 year-old boy has worked hard in a cheder for 6 or 7 years he can say goodbye to acquiring any further knowledge; his father is teaching him about his business, lets him work beside him for a while, then gets a small amount of money to speculate on his own.

The boy then needs to earn some capital by himself until his wedding day when, his father doubles or triples what he had made on his own nadan. An interesting fact is that Bukovina Jewish people are acting with more responsibility in these matters. The Bukovinian bride groom may not be able to do a peştel but he can provide for his family the next day after the wedding unlike his Galician Baal-beessel who has no perspective and nowhere to go after retirement Kost.

Daniel Hrenciuc

However this early adulthood of Jewish children will soon vanish and a more beautiful age is about to start, as the Cernăuţi people and their infinite spirit are going to overtake the wise men of Galicia. Due to their own initiative and the help of some kind men involved themselves in the intellectual Judaism movement they have recently founded an Israelite public school.

We can well assume that an establishment of this sort leaves room for improvement both in its design and applicability but because it started as a good cause, we are sure of its right development in the future.

In Cernăuţi there is now a noble Christian architect who took pity of some orphan Jewish children and is teaching them architecture with no charge. Some people I can trust have told me that these children are on the right track. This distinguished man, whose name has unfortunately slipped my mind deserves to be mentioned right here as a fortunate symbol of times to come.

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I am certain that most of us will treasure his memory. There is more good news concerning the statistics this time. In Bukovina there are 55 Israelite families who whose income depends exclusively on agriculture. They are not grouped in one place but live in different villages, among other peasants. Iuliu Barasch ironically and excessively critic about his own people made the remark that the richest Jewish of Cernăuţi lived on the mountain side and had beautiful houses in the main street.

Barasch also mentions the good deed of a Christian who taught six Jewish orphans lessons of architecture. Cernăuţi has rapidly become a specifically central- European city because of the cosmopolite population and architectural style similar to many cities across the Habsburg Empire The University was a multicultural one, having a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional profile and had students that came also from the outside of Bukovina; things changed after In Cernăuţi there were formed many associations, victor ebner switzerland anti aging, national and artistic, musical and sports societies.

The Romanian student societies in Cernăuţi were the most appreciated and had a large influence on the other students and the other Romanians. The student societies had different formal wear, national colours; they each had their own anthem and obeyed a code.

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There were no serious conflicts among members of these societies and the University of Cernăuţi became a German Heidelberg in Great Romania after The elite of the Jewish in Bukovina, victor ebner switzerland anti aging in Galicia, formed and grown in Cernăuţi established its cultural model both in Yiddish and German, getting its education in public or private schools in Cernăuţi. Vienna was in those days — as Siegfried Jägendorf mentions — a genuine Jerusalem.