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Răspunde geo said, on august 7, at pm The majority of Americans have little or no trust that social media sites will respect and protect their online privacy. So say the results of a recently-released survey of American adults about their privacy experiences on the Internet.

The survey, commissioned by Rad Campaign, Lincoln Park Strategies and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, asked 1, respondents a variety of questions about social media and online privacy.

Despite the high level of distrust in social media sites, most of the survey respondents used them nonetheless. Seven in 10 Americans also believe social networks and sites like Google and Yahoo are collecting and selling vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging personal data. This information includes interests, political affiliation and purchase habits. Corporations use this data to better target potential customers with advertisements and content.

Around the same percentage of survey respondents said they were concerned that their personal information was being sold. Respondents over vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging 65 reported the least trust in these sites, as well as the most fear that their personal data was being sold.

People in this demographic were also most likely to want stronger online privacy laws. While companies may be buying private user data and then using it to market goods and services to the very same users, a Forrester Research survey of 75, US and European adults found that few people trust the most common types of digital advertising and promotions. In the US, only 15 percent of respondents said they trusted social media marketing and only 10 percent said they trusted online ads.

What businesses know about any given individual is a lot. But what are companies doing with that data? Not as much as you vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging think — at least not yet. Companies are getting more sophisticated, however.


When they do, that data is usually boiled down to basic demographic and interest categories and then aggregated for marketing purposes. If the data is being shared with third parties for the purpose of online advertising, personally identifiable information is usually removed. See related story. In the online advertising world, the behavioral advertising industry has developed a high level of sophistication and expertise, but most of corporate America — including the manufacturing and consumer products sectors — remains in the early stages of data integration, says Jim Adler, vice president and chief privacy officer at Metanautix, a firm that specializes data integration within and across companies.

Data privacy Data privacy issues can only get more complicated from here, experts agree. The financial and travel services company now has privacy professionals aligned with each business unit. Regulatory minefield Traditional types of data — such as healthcare information and banking records — and some uses — such as for identity verification, insurance underwriting, employment or to assess creditworthiness — are regulated.

But the increasing use of personal data for marketing purposes, gathered both offline and online, has fewer regulatory controls. And inappropriate use of that marketing data — such as for making hiring decisions — can get a company into hot water with regulators.

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Businesses face a jigsaw puzzle of laws and regulations that govern certain types of data assets as well as how information may — and may not — be used for some types of decisions, says Tony Hadley, senior vice president of government affairs and public policy at data aggregator Experian. For example, a business that uses information from Facebook or Twitter to make a negative hiring decision — and does not disclose to the applicant that the information was used in that decision — can run afoul of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which governs how data may be used for employment purposes.

Data aggregators like Acxiom and Experian provided personalized demographic data to marketers — that you are 42 years old, own a truck, like to golf, are married and so on — to help companies better target advertising and marketing dollars to customers and prospects. For example, Acxiom might license the subscriber list from a golfing magazine as an input into its scoring mechanism, but the data aggregator agrees not to identify you as a subscriber.

Instead, it uses the information and data points from many other sources — your golf club purchases, for instance — to determine that you fit into its list of people vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging like to golf. Businesses buy these buckets of consumer demographic data to match up with their own customer records for direct marketing and upselling, and they can buy a prospect list of people assigned to an interest group that presumably will be more likely to buy a given product.

The advertising message then gets disseminated either through direct mail, telemarketing, email or text messages. The evolution of online data has led to different practices for gathering data, but with the same objective, says Mike Zaneis, executive vice president and general counsel for the Interactive Advertising Bureau IABan industry trade association.

So advertisers use cookies to track online activity of website visitors, and that activity is linked to a cookie ID tied to a specific browser on a specific device. The activity is not tied to the individual — unless the individual has self-identified by registering with a given website.

The analysis is Recenzie de curățare anti-îmbătrânire alfa complicated, but the end game is the same: To get ads and offers in front of the people who are most likely to buy a given product or service.

But those two worlds have very different rules as to how consumer data may be used.

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Advertising networks track online activity and build interest profiles that link to cookie IDs rather than PII — as required by the code of conduct put forth by the Network Advertising Initiative, an industry trade association. The ad networks have behavioral advertising data browsing histories linked to cookies.

Data aggregators have interest and purchase data linked to your PII. But combining data from offline and online resources to deliver targeted advertising requires an elaborate dance, called cookie syncing, to ensure that a third-party advertising network does not receive any PII, says Barrett Glasgow.

It then uses both data sets to determine the most appropriate ad to send to the user. Using data the wrong way Businesses need to consider how private the data is to the individual and how perilous to the consumer the outcome might be if the data is divulged in unexpected ways, Adler says.

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Target used analytics to determine that there was a high probability that the woman was pregnant, and had assigned her to that category. But the retailer failed to think through the implications of sending targeted marketing materials that clearly implied that the customer was pregnant — a sensitive subject that the customer might not be ready for others to know. It also feels a bit creepy, says Jules Polonetsky, executive director of the Future of Privacy Forum.

Marketing is about having a relationship with the customer, he says. Here was this very personal experience vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging the user had no clue that this analysis was happening.

Marketers need to bring people along rather then let them uncover what may seem like unpleasant facts, he adds. For example, a few years ago Orbitz users were shocked to discover that visitors using a Mac were shown pricier vacations and accommodations than those using a Windows PC. Similarly, misunderstandings over variable pricing practices online by Staples drew fire, in part because customers were left in the dark as to what the retailer was doing and why.

But absent any kind of explanation, people can assume the worst. And the criteria used for making pricing determinations matter to regulators as well as consumers, says Adler.

For example, variable pricing by location might also appear to single out a minority community. Businesses can head off potential issues by providing transparency, allowing customers access to all of data the business has about them, and — most importantly — using the data the business has appropriately, Adler says.


Data security American Express has been a model for transparency, and Amazon. Opening up Businesses are slowly beginning to respond to at least some consumer concerns about privacy.

Some mobile app vendors offer popular messaging services that can permanently erase messages after a user-determined time limit.

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And Intellius, which sells personal background vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging based on public records, lets users see their own data for free — and correct it. I should be able to just look. Consumers can delete or correct the baseline data, which automatically updates modeled data about the person. Everyone pays lip service to transparency, but with some [companies] you have to do a lot of detective work to understand what they are really up to.

Going forward, Feldman expects people to become even more engaged on privacy issues with the companies with which they transact businesses. Now the technique is being adopted by a different kind of a hacker—the kind with a badge.

Mi s-a pus întrebarea asta de multe ori. E o întrebare de înțeles, venind de la cei care sunt șocați să afle că există oameni care sunt împotriva sistemului medical actual și a infamului program de vaccinare. Pentru unii, s-ar putea să par ca un fel de renegat al zilelor noastre, un fel de haiduc rătăcind prin marea junglă a lumii farmaceutice.

The approach has borne fruit—over a dozen alleged users of Tor-based child porn sites are now headed for trial as a result. Critics also worry about mission creep, the weakening of a technology relied on by human rights workers and activists, and the potential for innocent parties to wind up infected with government malware because they visited the wrong website.

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And the shift is a direct response to Tor, the powerful anonymity system endorsed by Edward Snowden and the State Department alike.

Tor is free, open-source software that lets you surf the web anonymously. Some users of such service have legitimate and even noble vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging human rights groups and journalists.

But hidden services are also a mainstay of the nefarious activities carried out on the so-called Dark Net: the home of drug markets, child porn, murder for hire, and a site that does nothing but stream pirated My Little Pony episodes. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies have a love-hate relationship with Tor.

They use it themselves, but when their targets hide behind the system, it poses a serious obstacle. Operation Torpedo began with an investigation in the Netherlands in August To that end, they wrote a web crawler that scoured the Dark Net, collecting all the Tor onion addresses it could find. The NHTCU agents systematically visited each of the sites and made a list of those dedicated to child pornography. Then, armed with a search warrant from the Court of Rotterdam, the agents set out to determine where the sites were located.

That, in theory, is a daunting task—Tor hidden services mask their locations behind layers of routing. It turned out McGrath was hosting not one, but two child porn sites at the server farm where he worked, and a third one at home.

Instead of going for the easy bust, the FBI spent a solid year surveilling McGrath, while working with Justice Department lawyers on the legal framework for what would become Operation Torpedo.

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A federal magistrate signed three separate search warrants: one for each of the vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging hidden services. The warrants authorized the FBI to modify the code on the servers to deliver the NIT to any computers that accessed the sites. The judge also allowed the FBI to delay notification to the targets for 30 days. And it evidently did its job well.

Subpoenas to ISPs produced home addresses and subscriber names, and in Aprilfive months after the NIT deployment, the bureau staged coordinated raids around the country. Today, with 14 of the suspects headed toward trial in Omaha, the FBI is being forced to defend Troy Lee Youth Anti Aging Kit use of the drive-by download for the first time. Defense attorneys have urged the Nebraska court to throw out the spyware evidence, on the grounds that the bureau concealed its use of the NIT beyond the day blackout period allowed in the search warrant.

Magistrate Judge Thomas Thalken rejected the defense motion, and any implication that the government acted in bad faith. District Judge Joseph Bataillon for a final ruling. His primary worry is that Operation Torpedo is the first step to the FBI using the tactic much more broadly, skipping any public debate over the possible unintended consequences. ACLU attorneys read Inspire Magazine, not because we are particularly interested in the material, but we need to cite stuff in briefs.

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From the perspective of experts in computer security and privacy, the NIT is malware, pure and simple. This one—still unacknowledged by the bureau—traveled across the servers of Freedom Hosting, an anonymous provider of turnkey Tor hidden service sites that, by some estimates, powered half of the Dark Net.

Marques faces U. Then the bureau appears to have relocated them—or cloned them—in Maryland, where the Marques investigation was centered. The code specifically targeted the version of Firefox used in the Tor Browser Bundle—the easiest way to use Tor. This was the first Tor browser exploit found in the wild, and it was an alarming development to the Tor community.

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In short, the program nullified the anonymity that the Tor browser was designed to enable. As they dug further, researchers vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging that the security hole the program exploited was already a known vulnerability called CVE—one that had theoretically been patched in Firefox and Tor updates about a month earlier.

But there was a problem: Because the Tor browser bundle has no auto-update mechanism, only users who had formula anti-imbatranire Lorelia installed the patched version were safe from the attack. Unlike with Operation Torpedo, the details of the Freedom Hosting drive-by operation remain a mystery a year later, and the FBI has repeatedly declined to comment on the attack, including when contacted by WIRED for this story.

Only one arrest can be clearly tied to the incident—that of a Vermont man named Grant Klein who, according to court records, was raided in November based on an NIT on a child porn site that was installed on July 31, Klein pleaded guilty to a single masca de fata cu castravete si ulei de masline of possession of child pornography in May and is set for sentencing this October.

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But according to reports at the time, the malware was seen, not just on criminal sites, but on legitimate hidden services that happened to be hosted by Freedom Hosting, including the privacy protecting webmail service Tormail. The revision, a conference committee concluded last May. Like a sick person there are symptoms of a much more aggressive underlying condition that can become or IS terminal.

Life is not just like it was a generation or two ago. Times have become strange, disturbing and frightening for most. Even the most elderly and long lived of the people can tell you that during their lifetimes there has not been such a disconnect with the dreams of people and their futures looking bright. A negative cloud hangs over human civilization vaccin tifoid suisse anti aging the following 50 examples show why we all should be quite unsettled.

This is a catastrophe that is poisoning the regional western Pacific Ocean that will become worldwide sooner than later unless repaired or contained. Bee and butterfly die off. Butterflies are the canary in the coal mine warning of a toxic environment. Bees help fuel the agriculture industry. Genetically modified foods and poor unhealthy livestock.

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Eating animals that are shot full of chemicals or that eat GMO foods or other substandard feed is a human health problem starting with all forms of cancer. Lack of arable land. This is normally reached at between people per square mile of arable land. Right now the world stands at about people per square mile of arable land.

Antibiotic resistant diseases. This is very serious for humans as a very contagious and highly fatal bacteria could wipe out massive numbers. It is also an issue with animals on the farm and plant life people depend on to consume.

An agricultural blight would be just as devastating as centuries ago if uncontrollable.

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People go hungry. Chemical poisoning of the water ways. This is from the creeks to the streams to rivers and lakes to the ocean. Clean water is necessary for health. Food sources are being contaminated at a very alarming rates from toxins all around the world. Fresh water scarcity.

One only has to look to the American Southwest to see just how important fresh water is and what any drought can do. Famine becomes more and more likely when someone cannot give crops enough water. Cities can cease to function without enough water. Toxic processed foods being the normal staple people eat.

Junk food by any name, people become extremely malnourished which causes an overwhelmed health care system. Super germs, both human, animal, and plant. There are life forms in the plant and animal kingdom that go extinct all the time.

Recently Ebola has become more virulent, new diseases such as MERS shows an increase of the chance of a super pathogen killing off large percentages.