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Journal of Young Scientist. The methods were applied on satellite images acquired by different types of missions in terms of sensor optical and radarspatial and spectral resolution.

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We used optical SPOT images with a spatial resolution of 20 m that are acquired in 3 spectral bands, Landsat images with spatial resolution of 30 m, 7 spectral bands and TerraSAR-X radar images with a resolution of 3 m.

In order to obtain optimal results, the most appropriate input data should be represented by: radar images for earthquakes and floods and optical images for fires and floods. The first case study focused on the floods in the Eastern part of Romania, namely the Siret river floods on the Nanesti-Silistea sector in July and the Prut River floods that took place in late July and early august The second case study was represented by the forest fires of Corsica, which is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located at a distance of kilometers south coast of France and 80 kilometers west coasts of Italy.

These fires have occurred in August-Septemberwhen 27, hectares of vegetation were burnt. The third case study consisted of the Haiti earthquake that occurred on January 12,at p.

It was a major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.

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The epicenter was located near the Port-au-Prince capital. The processing methods image classification and change detection were selected and adapted for each type of satellite data.

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In conclusion, remote sensing is very useful in monitoring the effects of natural disasters. A very important aspect is choosing the optimal data depending on the disaster type floods and earthquakes — optical and radar, fires — optical.

Equally important is the resolution of the images in relation to the investigated phenomenon.

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For example, in the case of the Haiti earthquake, satellite images with a spatial resolution better than 30 meters shooting photo gratuit suisse anti aging have been more useful. Key words: disaster monitoring, earthquakes, fires, floods, satellite images. For floods, two events located in the Eastern part of Romania were chosen. The second flood event occurred on the Prut River in July-August Red code alerts were transmitted during the floods that affected the North-East part of the country infor the populated areas along the Prut River.

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In Radauti, the river burst its banks and inundated about 5, hectares of land in the dammed area. For the second case study, the forest fires that affected Corsica in August-September were selected.

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More than 27, hectares of vegetation were burnt. Corsica is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea in terms of size and it is located at a distance of kilometers from the southern coast of France and 80 kilometers from the western shores of Italy.

Initially, the third case study focused on the earthquake that hit Bucharest inbut the images from the United States Geological Survey USGS archive could not be used because the area of interest was completely covered by clouds. The earthquake occurred at p.

Şcoala Doctorală Limbi şi Identităţi Culturale Modalizarea este o noţiune semantico-funcţională, cu evidente implicaţii pragmatice. Perspectiva pragmatică se impune în discursul politic unde claritatea şi univocitatea nu sunt întotdeauna respectate. Dacă modalitatea conduce nu de puţine ori la construcţii ambigue anumite verbe sunt folosite atât cu sens epistemic, cât şi deontictraducătorul este chemat să sesizeze nu numai sensul ansamblului, ci şi intenţia oratorului, prin distingerea tipurilor de modalitate, nu de puţine ori, în lumina cunoştinţelor enciclopedice.

With a magnitude of 7. Across the country about 11, people were wounded and about 35, houses collapsed.

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Most property damage concentrated in Bucharest where more than 33 large buildings collapsed. However, in order to develop a case study for this type of disaster too, the earthquake that occurred in Haiti on January 12,at p.

It was a severe earthquake with a magnitude of 7. The epicenter was shooting photo gratuit suisse anti aging near Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

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The greatest damage occurred in the heart of the capital where thousands of persons were reported missing. After the great earthquake, at least 52 aftershocks took place, measuring up to 4. These led to a number ofresidences and 30, commercial buildings that collapsed or were severely damaged.

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On 28 Januarythe number of problema pliurilor nazolabiale found under the debris reached approximatelydeaths.