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Baill, as well as its reaction in the pedo-climatic conditions of the Republic of Moldova. It is propagated vegetatively and generatively with some difficulty.

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In the case of generative propagation, in order to obtain a high germination percentage, the seeds are stratified in three phases, at different temperatures and are sown in spring. Schisandra chinensis is also propagated by greenwood cuttings, semi-hardwood or hardwood cuttings, by layering or by division.

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The best results were obtained by using semi-hardwood and hardwood cuttings taken in summer, in June-July, from younger plants. The potential for in vitro propagation of this species was also tested.

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Key words: propagation, cutting, climber, medicinal plant, Schisandraceae Introduction The pedoclimatic conditions of the Republic of Moldova are relatively favourable for non-traditional fruit shrubs which, as they easily adapt to the environment they can be successfully introduced into culture. Also, on the market in the republic of Moldova there is an increasing interest for the introduction into culture of some new plant species from the spontaneous flora.

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One of these species is the Magnolia vine — Schisandra chinensis Turz. This species is utilized as an ornamental and medicinal plant.

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As an ornamental plant it is a decorative climber used for decorating balconies, terraces and buildings. The majority of vegetative and generative organs contain many biologically active substances, but the most important one is schizandrine and its derivatives.

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The fruits, leaves, bark and seeds are used. The infusion obtained from leaves, shoots and fruits is used for stimulating the vitality of the body as a whole, for stimulating the activity of the heart, for calming the nervous system. The extract, decoction, tincture prepared from fruits and seeds is used for treating tuberculosis, bronchytic asthma, gastritis, hepatitis, kidneys, dysenteria in children and other diseases that cause the weakening of the organism.

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The juice, the fresh fruits as well as the tincture from the leaves, fruits and shoots is used as an 1 The Botanical Garden Institute AŞM, Chişinău — Republic of Moldova, e-mail: ninaciorchina mail. The tea from leaves and shoots has a pleasant flavour similar to that of lemon and it has a slightly sour taste.

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The essential oils extracted from this plant are used for decreasing the glucide content of the blood. The use of Schisandra chinensis fruits in small amounts is recommended for people that suffer from insomnia, who have psychical problems or high arterial blood pressure and dysfunctions of heart activity.

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The fruits are also used in the cosmetic industry and food industry confectionery, marmelades, chocolatesin the production of soap and detergents. It is cultured by some amateurs and it can be found in several botanical gardens worldwide.

Ecological requirements. It withstands low temperatures and shaded places.

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It grows fast. It can be cultured on sandy soils. On soils rich in humus it develops better.

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It does not withstand acidic, dense, compact soils. Morpho-biological peculiarities. Schisandra chinensis is a climber that can reach heights of m and 1.

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The roots are branched, situated close to soil surface. The shoots, the roots and the fruits are smelling. The stem of this climber is dark brown in colour and can reach 2 cm in thickness and winds around the trellis in clockwise direction.

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The leaves are altern, ovate, cm in length, the petiole is reddish. The sav nikon swiss anti aging are white, aromatic, they have a pinkish nuance towards the end of flowering.

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The sav nikon swiss anti aging are of an intense red colour, juicy, sour, spherical, mm in length, usually with one seed. The buds are mixed, oval in shape, a little lengthened and pointed.

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Flowering and fruiting takes place on the annual shoots Fig. The Magnolia vine is propagated vegetatively and generatively with great difficulty.