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NYE Jr. The spiritual connotations of the neo-eneolithic art are related not only to magical-religious practices, but also to the ability of the artistic representations in order to give force cele mai eficiente produse anti-imbatranire 2021 corvette the symbolism which is emitted into the institutionalization process of the new faith. The manner in which the figures were shaped, the attitudes that they release etc.

The artistic representations reflect a particular aspect of the religious manifestations. Thus, this is the reason why determining the functionality of the neo-eneolithic anthropomorphic pieces raises a number of problems due to the typological and morphological variety. Key words: neo-eneolithic art, signs, symbols, religious themes.

The spiritual life of the prehistoric communities seems to be a combination of cultural practices, amongst the most diverse ones, integrated into a system of ideas rheinau suisse rheinau suisse anti aging aging religious beliefs, articulated around some symbols which were worshipped by the entire community. The artistic representations, engraved with such decorations, also reflect a particular aspect of the religious manifestations.

This is the reason why determining the functionality of the neo- eneolithic anthropomorphic pieces raises a number of problems due to rheinau suisse anti aging and morphological variety. Thus, we find artistic representations used during some processions where the entire community would attend the monumental statuesbut also some pieces which proved the existence of a familial, domestic cult, as it is the case of the anthropomorphic handle covers or the perforated idols who could be used as amulets.

During the current state of the research it is almost impossible to determine precisely which parts were, or were not used while conducting certain rituals, reason why the multiple functional hypotheses of these artistic representations could be a step in trying to explain the complexity of the religious phenomenon.


Among the most basic symbolic forms found in the Neo-Eneolithic art we can include the point, the symbol of the center and the origin of all things. In some cases, the associations of the point with other geometric elements raised in the Neo-Eneolithic artistry from the danubian area may reflect the beginnings of an early form of communication, the so called Danube Script, with a symbolic value4, whose signification must be analyzed according to the object and the manner of disposal of the signs.

rheinau suisse anti aging

Apart from the point, the line is part of the common signs found in the prehistoric art. Its disposal as some horizontal or oblique bands on the artifacts surface Fig. Their possible decryption requires a clear distinction between the signs of writing and the decorative elements5. Therefore, the simple lines drawn vertically make reference to the axial symbolism of the World, to the "Tree of Life", guarantee of the eternal regeneration, to the strength and wisdom of the "golden branch" from the ancient Mysteries or to the luminous nature of "the fire pole" in Vedic mythology.

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The horizontal lines usually define the upper register of the piece from the lower one Fig. Guénon, Simboluri ale ştiinţei sacre, Bucureşti,p. Chevalier, A. Gheerbrant, Dicţionar de simboluri, vol. III, Bucureşti,p. Marler ed. Nikolova ed. Merlini, Gh. International Symposium, 2,Sibiu, S. Luca ed.


Merlini, A semiotic matrix to distinguish between decorations and signs of writing employed by the Danube civilisation, în ATS, VI,p. Instead of this, the oblique lines are presented either in the form of strips illustrating clothing accessories pendant diagonals on the waist Fig.

An interesting symbolism was attributed to the broken line which generates a series of signs such as "V", "Λ", "M" or "W" because of the ways of constituting the angles. If in the case of the "V" shaped lines and of its graphical versions to which certain communicative meanings are assigned a real directory6 has been established, the "M" or the "W" shaped lines have been interpreted as symbols of the Cassiopeia constellation7. Considering their semantics which these rheinau suisse anti aging hold and transmit, the "V" could be considered the styling of the female organ, and the "M", showing vastness or infinity can also include the great unknown god, who should never be represented8.

The five stars which make up Cassiopeia are arranged in the form of a crown, which gives the "W" ideogram a solemn character, and its presence in a number of cult objects highlights the transcendent character of an achievement. Similar to the consecration crowns, the crown expresses the elevation and illumination tendency.

Moreover its symbolic use during certain cultic acts values cosmically the sacrifice9. The meanders, the spirals, the zigzags, the "S"s, etc. Embodiment of the sacred and the source of life, symbol of wisdom, ascension, soul and also of the libido11, the serpent is imago mundi, the embodiment of the raw material. Due to its elongated shape, it can be considered an androgynous creature in which the two co-eternal principles co-exist, and it provides the regeneration of the World as a master of the vital dialectics.

Present since the inception of the primordial undifferentiating, the serpent, in its first manifestation, appears "immortalized" as a simple straight line, being able to expand in one direction or another and 6 H. Haarmann, The challenge Lazarovici, F.

Draşovean, Z. Maxim, Parţa.

Gynäkologie Lakeside Zürich

Monografie istorică, Timişoara,p. Bancopagni, Lumea simbolurilor, Bucureşti,p. Gheerbrant, op.

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I, Bucureşti,p. III, p. Durand, Structurile antropologice ale imaginarului, Bucureşti,passim; C. Opere complete 1.

rheinau suisse anti aging

Arhetipurile şi inconştientul colectiv, Bucureşti,passim; I. Evseev, Enciclopedia semnelor şi simbolurilor culturale, Timişoara,p. Eliade, P. Culianu, Dicţionar al religiilor, Bucureşti,passim.

This is proved by the variety of the signs -symbols associated with it. The spiral, single or double, expresses the cyclical continuity on progress, being linked to the symbolism of monthly and aquatic fertility12 Fig. Reflecting the initiatory death and the transformatory rebirth, it also mirrors the journey the soul takes after death, which explains its use in anthropomorphic ceramics and fine arts.

The spiral is present in the Vinča culture, to Zorlenţu Mare, Parţa13, in Dudeşti-Vinča synthesis aspect, to Cârcea Viaduct14, Radovanu15, in the art of Vădastra16 and Boian17 cultures, on some of the Gumelniţa figurines18, but also in the south of the Danube, in the Karanovo19 culture, which confirm the widespread beliefs about the cults of fertility and fecundity.

The "S" strings which appear on the surface of the Vădastra figurines23, are found in the artistry of the communities such as Bolintineanu24, Boian25 etc.


The Zig-zag lines, single or double, rendered vertically or horizontally, are associated to water, waves, the serpent movement, and the meanders to the earthy water and life. Single or grouped in certain decorative registers, this symbol signs give an rheinau suisse anti aging M. Eliade, Tratat de istorie a religiilor, Bucureşti,p. Evseev, op. Nica, Reprezentările antropomofe antropomorfe în cultura Vădastra descoperite în aşezările neolitice de la Hotărani şi Fărcaşele, judeţul Olt, în Oltenia, II,fig.

Andreescu, Valea Teleormanului. Consideraţii asupra plasticiii antropomorfe, în SP, 4,pl. Analiză primară, Bucureşti,pl.

Todorova, I. Vaisov, Novo kammenata epoha v Bulgarija, Sofiapl.

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Lazarovici, op. Nica, Le rôle Dumitrescu, Arta culturii Cucuteni, Bucureşti,fig. Petrescu- Dîmboviţa, M. Florescu, A.

Florescu, Truşeşti, monografie istorică, Bucureşti,fig. Monah, Plastica antropomorfă…, passim. Nica, Reprezentările antropomorfe…, fig.

Parcursul său profesional a început după absolvirea Universității București în anul în Târgu Mureș, la Spitalul Universitar.

Comşa, Figurinele din epoca neolitică pe teritoriul României, Bucureşti,fig. Comşa, op. Gheerbrant, Dicţionar…, vol. Another symbol which appears frequently on the Neo-Eneolithic artistic representations and whose meaning rheinau suisse anti aging a certain aura of sacredness to the "carriers", is the circle, which, together with the center, the cross and the square plays an important role in the prehistoric religious and magical thinking Fig.

Sign of the Primordial Unity and sign of the sky, the circle appears crema anti-imbatranire shiseido a result of the mid-point radial extension the Principle, the pure Human Being and becomes the logo of the World which has just emerged into the space created. The serpent which eats its tail Uroboros symbolizes the cyclical resorption.

Its form expresses the dynamics of the circle which thus becomes the symbol of rheinau suisse anti aging infinity of the time, equivalent to the "wheel of life" or "wheel of things" Typically, the circle marks the umbilical or genital female representations and it was present on the figurine from the Farcaşul de Sus Dudeşti IIIB 28, on the body of "Goddess" from Vidra the Gumelniţa culture 29 or on the façade of the temple from Truşeşti, the Cucuteni culture, as a symbol of pregnancy Regarded as an archetypal image of the Self, the circle embodies the unity and completeness of the entire personality and, thus, ensures the connection between man and the whole of nature.

Its use in various rituals reveals only a part of the semantics implied by.

rheinau suisse anti aging

Thanks to its geometric closed shape, the circle assures the individual protection, maintaining the cohesion between the soul and the body, but also that of the entire community of any external manifestation which could affect the balance established through a founder act. The apotropaic value of the ring, bracelets, amulets, etc.

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The painting or the incision of the anthropomorphic representations with a series of concentric circles is common to several neo-eneolithic cultures and it was present in Anatolia, at Çatal Hüyük31, within the linear pottery complex, at 27 S. Bancopagni, op.