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Therefore we have an equivalent momentum of: I e This type of concentrated movement can hutten suisse anti aging gasketed conduit joints that are not designed for large horizontal movements.

The use of longitudinal reinforcement across the joints and continuous welded steel pipe liners are effective in reducing concentrated openings within conduits. In Romanian practice reinforcement at join is interrupted. Provide camber - A conduit that is not located on bedrock must be designed so that the amount of predicted foundation settlement does not damage the conduit or its function. A conduit constructed on a compressible foundation should be cambered to accommodate the predicted foundation settlement, to achieve a proper final grade.

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For camber calculation we propose the next formula for inertia moment calculation. Inertia moment calculation - We use relation 7 for inertia moment calculation and with this relation maximum settlement was 69 cm, while maximum settlement considering articulated joint was 70 cm. In this way the number of joint can be related with conduit stiffness. Of the conduit stiffness depend soil structure model interaction [5], [6], [7]. S a. GPS network noise analysis: a case study of data collected over an month period.

Journal of Spatial Science, 61 2 S b. The influence of different types of noise on the velocity uncertainties in GPS time series analysis. Acta Geodyn. Soil-Structure Interaction Research Project; www. Colasanti Colasanti, John S. Horvath Folkman Buried pipe design, third edition, Mc Graw Hill.

S Evaluation of the ambiguity resolution and data products from different analysis centers on zenith wet delay using PPP method. Normativ privind proiectarea fundaiilor de suprafa Standard on the surface foundations design.

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Furis, M. Teodorescu, L. Sorohan Calculul structurilor pentru transportul apei Calculation of structures for water transportConspress, Bucuresti. Modelarea numerica a interactiunii teren structura.

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Grinzi de fundare Numerical modeling of soil structure interaction. Foundation beamsEd. Politehnium Iasi. Fundatii Foundations. The circular tunnel in elastic ground.

Gotechnique 25, No. In Bihor County there is an extensive network of cellars in various stages of evolution which represent a valuable component of the rural architectural heritage. Ofrc suisse anti aging cellars are independent from households unitsdug into slopes at ofrc suisse anti aging distances from the village hearth, but no more than 2 km away, whose age ranges from 50 to years.

These cellars belong to 14 villages and a neighbourhood of Oradea, Bihor County seat. The study uses geographic information on the typical hilly terrain including a territory survey. The bulk of the research is dedicated to the results based on the independent household cellars considerations on production and local rural living.

Then sustainable socio-economic indicators are analyzed e.

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By these indicators the human and environmental capital of the Oradea Hills villages is featured, explaining how much resilience capacity there is, with a central view to the independent household cellars.

Keywords: rural landscape, rural resilience, independent household cellars, socio-economic indicators, Oradea Hills. These cellars are located in Oradea Hills abhorrent from the classical situation of the cellars, located inside the yard of the households or under the house. The carving process of these cellars was adapted to the hilly morphology, the result being different architectural, interior design and use types, which could be linked most often to different types of rural and custom living of Romanian and Hungarian communities.

One would expect that these type of cellars to be found in remote, isolated areas which may explain a kind of original initiative of the inhabitants. The villages from Oradea Hills are located near Oradea, the county seat, and the main pole of social and economic attractiveness.

The most remote villages having cellars are located within 50 km distance, the most villages being located ofrc suisse anti aging 40 km from Oradea, or a unique example, cellars located in a neighbourhood of the town. The influence of urbanization was not so strong to inhibit the appetite of the villagers for carving cellars apart from households and the capitalization of the rural tradition.

Iar acest articol are dovezi bune, cu cateva linkuri cheiein legatura cu sase anomalii ciudate asociate cu cutremurul din Virginia: 1. Locul de amplasare neobisuit si seismic inactiv. Profunzime extrem de mica -- mai tarziu schimbata de USGS la o valoare mai tipica. Citire seismografica ciudata. Membrul Fortei Aeriene dezvaluie faptul ca a fost o explozie nucleara subterana.

Such a patrimony component, such a constructive type, not merely continues a tradition based on traditional agricultural activities but influenced grape and wine culture with very strong local features. The existence and oldness of these cellars are attributes which should increase the level of knowledge and popularity of the villages from a level mostly neglected or too less compared to the possibilities.

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These cellars, belonging to rural architectural patrimony, do not contribute currently either to local or regional tourism. There are premises that, with the help of these cellar apart from households, through their rehabilitation, to start the regeneration process of these villages, the increase the welfare of the inhabitants through rural tourism and ecotourism.

The meaning is that of increasing the occupational flexibility of the inhabitants, the development of the adaptation capacity to new demands from social, agricultural and design perspectives of the cellars apart from households and associated customs. In order to investigate the resilience of the inhabitants, the study follows the acquired skills by the rural communities to face the economic and social challenges of the dynamic and competitive cross-border space or among the counties within the North West Development Region.

Another aim of the study refers to the analysis of the villages resilience, studying the importance of natural and human components within the social, economic local rural sub-system, and also the importance of associated occupations related to cellars apart from households, as parts of a positive development process and part of the building of local identity.


The results of the study could offer local actors, tourism and design specialists a glim about the generous possibilities offered by the cellars apart from households from the hilly area near Oradea, including the start of a branding process.

In the case of the rural Romanian environment, it is said to have passed through more transitional stages, given that prior tothere was a private land ownership, but after tillall land was taken away from individual owners and passed in the hands of the state, a process known as ofrc suisse anti aging.

From this point of view we can assert about the Romanian rural milieu that it has gone through a regime shift and the way in which it can dynamize or bounce back after such trauma is incumbent on the self- organizing capacity of the complex adaptive system of the rural community [1].

In the case of the current study, focused on the wine cellars recovery for the benefit of the local rural community, we are faced with a vulnerable declining rural community, whose past activities connected to wineyard harvesting have gradually diminished up to ofrc suisse anti aging in many cases.

A key ingredient for a resilient society is based on its social capital, namely bonding group cohesionbridging ties between groups and linking vertical relationships capitals [1]. These capitals can be valorised in the studied territory thanks to its resource, i. A proposal for the community resilience would therefore be a proactive strategy triggering rejuvenation through sustainable wine tourism.

Planning wine cellars for the local community benefits can be a ofrc suisse anti aging factor for the community renewal and trace new trajectory for the communitys future [6]. The diversification of activities [7] in rural communities expansion towards tourism, wine cellar tasting will rely on peoples training, developing digital literacy skills [8] and technology.

For creative rural communities and practitioners, Internet will be an indispensable tool for the economical capital valorisation as the Internet will allow to connect with peers, markets, audiences, sources of inspiration, trends and, last but not least, a tool of self-promotion [6].

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Resilient rural communities manage to attract human capital back into the rural milieus, thus youth in-migration will constitute a determining challenge. Furthermore creative resilient communities build on social capital which translates in the form of trust, reciprocity, collective outlooks, values and actions; community leaders ofrc suisse anti aging to identify funding sources, mobilize and network the community and a collective pride in their community [6, pp ].

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According to Ungar [9], opportunities for growth in resilient communities, besides social and human capital already referred to, also rely on natural capital land, water and wildlifephysical capital transport, shelter and energy and financial capital savings, the ordinary ser anticearcan. Activities in the rural milieus have returned in the focus of the researcher as areas for concern in terms of agri-food system, energy security and climate change [8].

Its unpolluted physical environment relates it to recreation and leisure, certain ruralities being labelled as eco destinations for food provision and, in hilly areas where wineries are harvested, food and leisure are complemented with wine tasting, routes, trails and tours.

These destinations opened towards wine tourism [10]; [11]; [12], which refers to the visiting to wineyards, wineries and wine shows for which grape and wine tastings are the main motivators and drivers for visitors. Many producers of wine involved in tourism realized that the benefits of wine tourism go beyond the wine cellar door, thus also integrating food and other leisure activities landscape and cultural activities alongside the wine sensorial experience [13].

This Bacchius experience seems Edlearning.

AC 14 Modern Technologies for the 3rd Millennium March, Oradea, Romania to be more appealing for the Y generation, as revealed by the study of Fountain and Charters [14], most tourists undertaking wine tasting being the male old generation.

According to the research of Roberts and Sparks [15] there are eight factors that provide an enhancement to the wine experience such as: authenticity of experience, value for money, service interactions, setting and surroundings, product offerings, information dissemination, learning experience and lifestyle [16].

The wine tasting experience should go beyond the wine cellar door and the interactions of tourists with wineries, thus stakeholders in the business should find inventive strategies of integrating wine tourism at a regional level with festivals, vintage car shows, wine trails and tours, food and leisure activities as in the case of many reputed countries providing this product such as France, Italy, Spain, the Switzerland, Hungary, Romania Reca, Dealu MareGreece, Australia.

The importance of networking between wine cellar owners at a regional level is primordial for the business success; nonetheless some studies reveal [17] that not all farmers really want to be involved in the tourism activity, despite their harvesting wine and possessing a wine cellar, as it would divert them ofrc suisse anti aging their main activity, i.

Based on this precept the study of Fraser and Alonso [17] revealed two groups in the wine and tourism ventures and owner expectations, namely those who perceived winery visitors as a useful adjunct to their operations and those ofrc suisse anti aging perceived tourism as creating a negative impact on their business.

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Despite there being opposite beliefs within a community, the latters strength comes from its networking power, ability to renew itself, there needs to be synergetic and adaptive cycles within the human- environmental system [18] for a common enterprise, goal to attain sustainable development and governance in a given space; in the case of the communities herewith analyzed, wineyards and wine cellars capitalisation. Resilience in an ecological system [19] or its adaptive capacity translates in the communitys continual learning for taking better decisions for the wellbeing within their environment.

The physical environment of a community is inextricably linked to its resources. Nonetheless these resources need to be exploited responsibly, as an environment that is stressed by unsustainable practices might have severe outcomes in the future [18]. A currently under capitalized resource hidden within the idyllic rural landscapes of the Hills of Oradea are wine cellars. They are part of a wine harvesting heritage from a backside rural milieu [25], [26], most often economically disadvantaged [27], with an enhanced youth out-migration; therefore this wine heritage can be a great tool for local and regional regeneration [20].

Wine routes are most often also associated with aristocracy [22], ofrc suisse anti aging also revealed by the qualitative interviews of wine cellars owners from the Hills of Oradea.

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The specific hilly relief of this space has been exploited for wine harvest ever since medieval ages, i. Sldbagiu de Munte since ; Marghita; itereawhich are attested as winery centres [23]; [24]. Oradea Hills covers an area of sqkm between Crisurilor Plain more exactly Bihariei Plain subunit in the west and Barcaului Plain in the north, the western facade being at just 15 km from the Hungarian border.

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The elevation range varies between and meters. Oradea Hills are overlapped by eight territorial and administrative units L. These administrative units are added to a neighborhood which although had all the urban facilities of a town border it belongs to Oradea municipality it has cellars located geographically and morphologically within Oradiei Hills.

The villages are located at the periphery of the hills or within small erosional depressions Fig. Physical map and the distribution of the cellars dug into the hills 3 Material and method The methodology of the present study has two main components: a comprehensive analysis of the references and a field survey. The cartographic material, was used to correlate the location of the cellars to features related to physical, human, economic geography, to sociology, all material being processed using ArcGIS tools.

The resilience capacity of the inhabitants and the villages from the study area, filtered through the presence of the cellars apart from households, was analyzed using different variables which follow the local social and economic sustainability.

The result of each analysis was expressed by several qualitative attributes but also by scoring each state of resilience: weak 1 pointencouraging 2 pointsmoderate 3 pointsadvanced 4 pointscomplete 5 points. The final result which sets the human and environmental resilience of the village is given by the average score of all variables which define the qualitative state of the certain resilience capacity.

Ofrc suisse anti aging the pale of rural custom and economy, the cellars apart from households Fig. They are appointed by villagers cellars dug into the hill or cellars constructed into the hill [28], [29], [30], [31], [32]. The reasons is not only related to an agricultural use of the cellars the storage of agricultural and processed goods in a certain place, with a constant temperature and humidity gmtf suisse anti aging but also related to certain customs regularly or limited use of the cellars.

The choice of construction site for the cellar, at a certain distance, sometimes over 1 km, can be related to several reasons. Among these reasons one could identify some logical reasons related to the exploitations of the hill slope as a proper place for cellar dug and the awareness of the quality of underground environment as a storage place. Other reasons could be related to psychological, social, economic, cultural and environmental perceptions of the villagers. In turn stands some reasons: a good adaptation capacity of the villagers to the environment they choose the hill slope for a dry cellar, abhorrent from their courtyard, partially moist ; the development of strong social connections as mutual trust among villagers that goods stored inside ofrc suisse anti aging cellars will not trigger stealing or robbing ; the development of mutually social relations mutual help during grape harvesting during overproduction or bad meteorological conditions ; a decision of economic and agricultural efficiency meaning that it deserved constructing cellars at sizes varying from village to village and that there will be sufficient fruit and vegetable production mainly grapes and root vegetables.

In the long run, the appearance and use of the cellars stretches from few decades to more than two centuries in the case of few tens of cellars and meant for the villagers the answer to the quest of present and the needs of the rural environment self sufficiency, opening to free market.

The procedure was based on direct interviews of subjects the owners of cellars apart from households who were found at the site but also applying the chain selection method the responders name similar persons from the village in other to be interviewed. The model construction used some conceptual elements developed by [33]. A total number of 26 surveys were applied, each survey containing 8 questions. The details of each question refer to the importance of the cellar for the owner, for the community, about specific relationships for each village.

Analyzing the answers of the question related to the reason why the cellar was built on a certain location one could notice domination and a uniformity of arguments, the most part of the responders considering that the hills are suitable for cellar construction, meaning the optimum temperature and humidity storage ofrc suisse anti aging The rest of answers are divided in the following way: the reason why cellars were inherited for cellars older ofrc suisse anti aging 80 years or the parcel where the cellar is located; the fact that are bought; location of the cellar close to the grape parcel; the rock from the slope used as building material no expense for arrangements of cellars interior ; for the safety of the owners during harsh times the longest and oldest cellars 1.

Resilience state of the community through cellars: 3.