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In this era of not-so-great customer service, you have to defend yourself! Think slightly out of the box as well. By leaving from Philadelphia instead of New York, you widen the field of choices and fares.

By flying to Paris via London, Brussels, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt, you also widen your choices, your schedule possibilities, and the potential for promotional fares. You increase the hours of travel, but this might not bother you. Or you could end up planning a day or two in another European city. This is the same plane, but it takes two flight numbers code sharing and is sold separately by both companies.

Frequentflyer miles are applied to the company that issues the ticket. The airlines are actively attempting to lure passengers into buying tickets online and are offering good deals to help change consumer habits.

Paris is often on the list of destinations. There are advantageous fares to Paris on regularly scheduled flights on major airlines if you are willing to change planes and spend a few extra hours in transit. Your baggage gets checked straight through to Paris.

A stopover and plane change at some obscenely early morning hour will translate into a few extra hours of travel time and even redder eyes, but the savings may be worth it.

Some people get a kick out of at least seeing the airport in a new country and use the time to peruse the airport shops. Couriers Call the international courier companies in your city and ask if they are taking volunteers.

Check the Yellow Pages for couriers. Some offer a two-week round-trip ticket for next to nothing.

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The hitch is that you cannot take any check-in luggage with you, since you will be checking in baggage for the courier company. Bookings can be made online at eurostar.

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In Paris, call 08 92 35 35 Special deals start from about return. Remember, there are better fares then. Use the Web. Call tour operators. Ask more than one travel agent. If you are accustomed to using one and have had positive experiences, by all means continue to rely on this service when buying your Paris tickets. Otherwise, be careful. Consolidators buy up blocks of tickets to resell at cut prices. This helps airlines reduce the number of empty seats.

Sometimes you are asked to pay before you receive your tickets, or you are issued vouchers that you exchange for your tickets at the airport.


Inquire about the reliability of the outfit before you commit, and use only credit cards to pay. Smart travelers call airlines directly to reconfirm their reservations and secure seat assignments. Paris Travel Agents Although you may be originating on the other side of the world, Paris-based travel agents can often provide better fares and better service than you can find at home.

Choosing an Airline If you have a choice of airlines, try to fly Air France. The in-flight entertainment and menu will be in French and in English, and the style and quality of the food will clearly manger malakoff suisse anti aging French.

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This is a great way to start getting into the mood of Paris even before you arrive. Plus, Air France has an excellent safety record, and many international travelers in these troubled times prefer the psychological comfort of flying with a carrier that is not American.

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After the Concorde crash in Paris inspoiling an otherwise perfect record, Air France finally decided to put those wonderful planes in mothballs. No more three-and-a-half-hour flights between Paris and New York. The Concorde is history. Unlike cities such as London, Washington, D. It really does not matter which you arrive at. More important than the airport are the airfares and the arrival times.

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We prefer the Air France flights from Newark and Boston because they leave the United States in the early evening and arrive in the early morning Paris time. If you do have manger malakoff suisse anti aging choice of airport, remember that Orly is a bit closer to central Paris than Roissy—Charles de Gaulle, although the difference is negligible. One reader tells us that she always flies into Roissy—Charles de Gaulle and stays in a small hotel near Les Invalides, because the Air France airport bus stops there and she can easily walk to her hotel.

Paris also has a smaller regional airport, Beauvais, which the budget airlines use for inter-European flights. If you decide to rent a car, make sure you reserve one before leaving home—U. See details in Part Five, Getting Around. Check masca cu orez pentru cosuri Divento at divento.

You can also check and print road itineraries from their excellent Web site, viamichelin. Note that all GSM cell phones will work in France.

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You can also purchase an inexpensive cell phone without a subscription and buy a prepaid phone card to use in France. See Cell Phones later in this chapter. In we found 2 million references to Paris on the AltaVista search engine alone.

Ultimately, all you really parisinfo.


A phone center in Montreal fields your questions and requests for brochures and has replaced the more personalized service travelers used to get. Or call or write to get on the Alliance Française mailing list. The FrancoAmerican Chambers of Commerce, founded in to promote strong relations between the United States and France masca din argila verde 19 chapters in the United Statescould be a key source of pretravel information.

BoxCharlotte, NC ; fax ; faccnc.

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Please, bring only the essentials. Additionally, more stringent regulations concerning safety and security doza de selegilină pentru anti-îmbătrânire all the more reason to pack light.

Use luggage that locks but is easy to open and shut and is not overstuffed. There is nothing more stressful than battling luggage as it sprawls over a table at airport security. Some savvy travelers go so far as to carry just one suitcase small enough to fit into the overhead compartments inside the plane; this saves lots of time on both ends. However, be certain that your bag does fit international size and weight restrictions—and on fully booked flights, you may find your carry-on luggage being checked anyway.

Airline restrictions from the United States limit you to two checked-in bags per person with a maximum weight of 50 pounds per bag. Check manger malakoff suisse anti aging your travel agent or carrier for specifics.

Destinaţiile preferate. Verifica ceea ce oamenii sunt în căutarea pentru acum:

Some people like to travel with one bag and pack an empty nylon or duffel bag in order to have space for gifts and other purchases for the return flight. This is a great idea—you will definitely have some treasures you will want to lug home from Paris. This might be your best-value purchase.

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They cost less than 35 and are perfect for lugging back your great finds trouvailles [troo-vye]. We always advise international travelers to avoid heavy suitcases that do not roll. Bags with shoulder straps and rollers will give you much-needed mobility and will also help you save on taxi fares. If you have one or two bags with rollers, you may opt to get to your hotel via public transportation rather than a taxi and pay around 38 instead of each way! For some people, packing is an obsessive science.

This is a great way to clean out your manger malakoff suisse anti aging, create suitcase room along the way, and avoid a pile of laundry upon return. Most hotels even one-stars provide hair dryers. Cordless shavers are handy. Bring a small solar calculator for quick currency conversions while shopping.

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Electrical current alternates at 50 cycles, not the 60 in use in America. If you are bringing shavers, travel irons, hair dryers, or whatever, make sure that they are adapted for the European current. Many travelers carry an extra pair of eyeglasses, medication with a prescription and its generic nameand valuables on their person instead of checking this in luggage.

Visit tsa. The coverage is about the same, and the rate schedules are usually torturously complicated.

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A better solution is bringing a prepaid phone card with you from any of the large U. You can also rent or purchase a cell phone with a prepaid French SIM card before you travel from Cellular Abroad cellularabroad. Note that the date of expiration should be sooner than three months after the date of your expected return.

Upon entry into France, your passport will be stamped, enabling you to stay in the country for up to three months. If you hold a passport from another country, make sure to inquire about visa requirements at the closest French consulate. It is always a good idea to leave a copy of the information page of your passport at home and put a second one in your luggage.

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That way, in case your passport is lost or stolen, you will facilitate its replacement by showing this photocopy at your consulate in Paris. And now, most countries have complied with U.

Inquire, especially if you have an old to enter France from the passport that is about to expire. You might find United States, although if yourself stuck or delayed. If you need manger malakoff suisse anti aging passport within two weeks, you need to schedule an appointment to apply in person at one of the 13 regional passport agencies.

French Consular Offices For all other administrative, riduri de pe frunte la tineri, and legal issues, contact the French Consular office nearest you. The French government posts travel and administrative information at info-france-usa. France has comparatively few travel restrictions. You can strut past customs inspectors with a pair of Irish setters and not be questioned although you do need health certificates for bringing pets into the country.

There are no restrictions on cameras or film you bring in, as long as they are for your own use. You are limited to cigarettes or 50 cigars or cigarillos or grams of tobacco, along with one liter of alcohol and two liters of wine but no one brings wine to France! Legally, you cannot import gold other than your own personal jewelry. The line between being dressed up and being simple and elegant, as Parisians often are, is a fine one. The French way of dressing includes subtleties and nuances that are often hard for visitors to grasp quickly.